Me & my daughters

Me & my daughters

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ace of Cakes/30 Rock Cheesy Blasters

My wonderful 12 yo daughter was watching Ace of Cakes over the weekend and the wonderful Duff made a cake and also some cheesy blasters for the crew of 30 Rock. My daughter thought they looked so good she made me make them. For anyone who doesn't know what a cheesy blaster is a cheesy blaster is a hot dog stuffed with cheese and rolled up in pizza dough with pizza sauce pepperoni & cheese. So we went to our local Berkots this morning and got all the stuff for them. My daughters & I had such a blast making a mess in the kitchen. They are out of the oven now & we are waiting for them to cool down. Can't wait to try them. The only recommendation I can make is instead of pizza dough try using croissant rolls instead, they are pre-cut and I think it would be less of a mess. I owuld post a picture but they were really messy going in so they don't look that great when they came out. LOL. If they are good we are planning to make them later in the week with croissant rolls & I will post a picture them.

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