Me & my daughters

Me & my daughters

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Danna Bananas Giveaway

Danna Bananas is giving one reader of Glimpse Reviews a «REW of their own Ends Nov 8

Knitted Warmth ~ GIVEAWAY!

Beba Bean is giving one of our readers a $25 gift certificate!
 here is Glimpses review for this great giveaway.Be sure to read up on the other great reviews on the site.

Now that fall has arrived, (and of today WINTER has also arrived here in a big, blustery storm!), we are all about layering. You never know...some days start out cool-ish and you need some extra warmth, but by noon it's warmed up and you can go through the rest of your day in a t-shirt. It's hard to find good "layers" for babies though. Onesies work pretty good - but that doesn't cover their little legs...or their head. We recently discovered a special onesie that goes FAR above and beyond the normal onesies we own. Beba Bean creates a gorgeous Knit Onesie that is absolutely perfect for fall outings. It is a one piece outfit that covers your babe from head to ankle and snaps in the front

here is the link for the giveaway. Or you can hit the button to the right ad go directly to the site.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

giveaway Juppy Baby Walker

The Juppy Baby Walker is a non traditional baby walker that is designed to teach babies how to walk sooner while minimizing  falls.  Recommended for babies 7-13 months old and up to 30lbs, the Juppy is used by placing baby in the seat of the Juppy, while mom or dad (or both!) simply hold on to the straps, while standing upright, to give support to the baby.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letter Magic - GIVEAWAY!

A-to-Z Illusions has offered a great prize to one lucky reader: the word "LOVE" in either the same letters as we received or in the letters of their choice. The word will be framed - making it immediately ready to be hung in its place! To enter, please visit A-to-Z Illusions and sign up for their newsletter.

Giveaway: Pampers Baby Gift Basket

Check out the great gift basket being given away @

A gift basket that includes
  1. Sassy Ring rattle
  2. A soft, cozy and cuddly baby blanket
  3. Elmo Loves You book from Seasame Street
  4. Baby Bodysuit
  5. Dreft Laundry Deterget, Blanket
  6. Pampers Swipers 60 Wipes
  7. Pampers Cruisers Size 3
  8. Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Size 1

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marble Run vortis

check out this cool toy I found called the Marble Run vortis. Children of all ages will enhance motor skills, construction skills, coordination, problem solving and even experience an introduction to science principles like gravity and speed.

Basket Giveaway | Welcome to Lil Boy Blu News!

Basket Giveaway | Welcome to Lil Boy Blu News!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rainebrooke {Laptop Bag} Giveaway

Check out these great laptop bags and giveaway

Lil Boy Blue - Sylish Boys Clothing

I just entered to win a Mega Basket Full of Fun through

Lil Boy Blue - Sylish Boys Clothing