Me & my daughters

Me & my daughters

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4Moms Good Night Sleep Trainer Day 1

I figured since my Lil man is 17 1/2 weeks old and STILL not sleeping through the night I would give the Good Night Sleep Trainer that I won on the 4Moms site a try. I never in a million year thought I would ever have to use this because my daughters were sleeping through the night by 2-3 months with no help from a gadget. at this point I am beyond exhausted and napping so much during the day I don't get anything done.
The Good Night Sleep Trainer is suppose to train your 4 month old to sleep through the night by gradually increasing the time to check in on them while they are crying. It is "training them to calm themselves" I hope this works.

So here it goes Day 1:
I failed!!!!! I was OK with the 1 minute timer almost lost it when it went to 3minutes and finally gave in and went in early when it hit the 5minute mark. My Lil man is used to getting what ever he wants but please OH please whatever you do DON'T make him mad... He is a screamer!!!!! I calmed him the first time by giving him his Binkie, he was good for about 10 minutes....the second time I went in after 3 minutes and gave him his Binkie and patted his butt ( he loves this)... he only lasted about 3minutes this time before he started to cry. after about 2 minutes of him crying I couldn't take it anymore I had to go in and pick him up... I've never heard him cry like that!!! I think he was pretty upset that I left him for so long. I rocked him a little and when he was almost asleep I put him back down. He fell asleep for about 15 minutes then I tried the timer again 1 minute OK 3 minutes fine, 5 minutes no way still couldn't do it, I had to pick him up, good news is I didn't have to hold him as long to calm him down and I put him back to bed when his eyes started to droop. He opened them wide the minute I laid him down, but soon fell asleep on his own. According to the timer he has been asleep for 1 hour and 3 minutes. he normally wakes every 2-3 hours...... Wish me luck

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