Me & my daughters

Me & my daughters

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

just call me Ms. Mechnic

My serpentine belt broke off my car and I drove it 25 miles home with no power steering yesterday. Get it home and it dies in the driveway. So I call my boyfriend to fix it. He couldnt come till this morning. So I went and purchased the belt yesterday. My boyfriend comes down this morning & just my luck the auto parts store sold me the wrong belt. UGH!!!!!!! Since he had to go to work & wouldn't be able to fix it till tomorrow I decided that I am Super Woman & can do anything. I went & exchanged the belt & with the help of my 13 yo daughter and a few calls to auto store I got my car fixed all by myself. This is a very big accomplishment for me. I am so proud of myself & glad my daughter was there to witness this experience. I just hope now she realizes that girls can do anything boys can as long as we try.
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