Me & my daughters

Me & my daughters

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knitted Warmth ~ GIVEAWAY!

Beba Bean is giving one of our readers a $25 gift certificate!
 here is Glimpses review for this great giveaway.Be sure to read up on the other great reviews on the site.

Now that fall has arrived, (and of today WINTER has also arrived here in a big, blustery storm!), we are all about layering. You never know...some days start out cool-ish and you need some extra warmth, but by noon it's warmed up and you can go through the rest of your day in a t-shirt. It's hard to find good "layers" for babies though. Onesies work pretty good - but that doesn't cover their little legs...or their head. We recently discovered a special onesie that goes FAR above and beyond the normal onesies we own. Beba Bean creates a gorgeous Knit Onesie that is absolutely perfect for fall outings. It is a one piece outfit that covers your babe from head to ankle and snaps in the front

here is the link for the giveaway. Or you can hit the button to the right ad go directly to the site.

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